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" Annette Dashofy’s true talent is taking the beloved elements of a rock-solid police procedural and spinning them into a timely, contemporary, and emotion-filled mystery. Fast paced, twisty, compelling, and sometimes heartbreaking— with characters we instantly care about and a cinematic setting – –this intense drama will keep you turning the pages as fast as you can." 

~Hank Phillippi Ryan USA Today bestselling author of The House Guest

When a badly decomposed body is found in the basement of an abandoned warehouse, Erie police detective, Matthias Honeywell, is called in to investigate.

Meanwhile, freelance photographer Emma Anderson is desperately trying to find her drug-addicted sister, Nell. Then a devastating piece of evidence found at Detective Honeywell’s crime scene brings her world crashing down, a driver’s license belonging to her missing sister.

In need of her assistance, Matthias asks Emma to help with the case, hoping to solve the mysterious disappearance of Nell Anderson. But in doing so, will the investigation uncover more questions than answers?

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