• Annette Dashofy

Worried Cat Mom

I can't and won't talk about all that's going on in the world this year. It's just too much. I know we're all in the same overwhelmed boat with our heads about to explode. Every little thing that gets tacked on feels like the last straw.

And in my case, I've been faced with a cat who keeps gakking.

Poor Kensi. She's been having tummy troubles and/or hairball issues for almost six weeks. The occurrences have been frequent enough to be abnormal and worrisome, but not so frequent to send us running to the emergency vet clinic. Plus, she hasn't been acting sick at all. However, yesterday, I finally broke down and took her to our regular vet for x-rays and bloodwork.

Basically, we didn't find out what's wrong. We did find out what is NOT wrong. No masses or blockages. No abnormal numbers in her blood screening. All good. YAY!

The vet put her on some anti-nausea meds, which Kensi loathes. But (so far) seem to be working. The next plan of action involves me picking up some samples of prescription food in the hope of finding one that she will eat (persnickety little beast) and that will stay down.

I'm breathing easier. Like anyone who's had pets in their lives, I've gone through the whole "aging cats with chronic illnesses" routine more than once. I'm just not ready to start treating Kensi with thyroid meds, fluids for kidney failure, or insulin injections. Not. Ready.

Everything becomes fodder for my writing, even this. Years ago, a friend told me I should have become a vet, all because I diagnosed her horse with colic and recommended the proper treatment before her vet even arrived on the scene. Back in 2006, I wrote a mystery with a veterinarian as the protagonist. I've given horses injections. I've treated cats for all the above-mentioned ailments. I've kept an assortment of veterinary drugs in my fridge for those emergency cases of colic.

That's the book that I've dusted off and am revising with the intention of releasing in the spring. Maybe I need to add a cat with a sensitive stomach.

Or maybe one of Zoe's cats will come down with Kensi's health problems. It's all fodder.

In the meantime, HAPPY CATURDAY from me and Kensi.


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