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Starting Over

I used to maintain a personal blog called Writing, etc on Blogger. It's still there, although I haven't posted anything new in a couple of years. Lately, I've felt a need for a place to ruminate about whatever happened to be on my mind at any given moment. I used to do that on Facebook, but social media sites have become less friendly and more derisive lately. So here I am, starting over on my own website blog.

I'm starting over in other areas too. After being under contract for ten straight Zoe Chambers mysteries, I'm now on my own. No contract. No agent. While there's something freeing about writing with no deadline, it's also terrifying. And of course, having lots of free time to visit friends and family happened at a point when we're all more or less in lock down. The definition of irony.

Here's where I'm at:

1. I've dragged out a manuscript I wrote in 2005 (It got me an agent but never sold. It also snagged the interest of a film rights agent but no deal was forthcoming.) and am updating it and running it through my critique group. I've reserved time with my freelance editor for early next year. I hope to release it myself in early May.

2. I'm compiling the Zoe and Pete short stories I've posted on my website over the years into a volume that I plan to self-publish and release around the holidays.

3. I'm drafting the 11th Zoe Chambers mystery with an eye toward self-publishing it early next fall.

4. I'm querying agents (and collecting some lovely rejections) for a new series I'm calling the Lake Erie Mysteries. At this point, I have 3 1/2 chapters and a full synopsis of the first book. I'm super excited to actually write the thing, but must work on the other projects first.

In the meantime, I'm mostly staying home much to the pleasure of my small furry overlord by the name Kensi. If you follow me on social media at all, I'm sure you've seen pictures of her. She's a social media darling. I'm merely her slave.

Stay well. Stay safe. And stay sane. (I know that last one's the hardest!)


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