• Annette Dashofy

Moving Into Fall

It's been a crazy month around here. Outside, the leaves are changing and falling. We're a bit past peak color here in southwestern Pennsylvania now (the photo was taken a week or so ago) and there's a definite chill in the air.

Hubby took advantage of the cooler temps and, with some help from the Nephew, replaced our side porch decking and added steps down to the driveway and garage. DIY home construction is always..."interesting," especially when I'm trying to write.

The writing has created its own challenges. Both of the books I'm working on (one in revisions, the other in draft-phase) have been giving me additional gray hairs. As a writer, I have to sometimes step back and look at the story from a greater distance. That's when I realize, OMG, there's a huge plot hole. WHY would so-and-so do such a thing? If I have to ask, the answer is almost always "He WOULDN'T." While I miss being under contract, I confess I'm glad I'm not under the pressure of a deadline right now.

Kensi Kitty update: After much experimentation with special diet foods, I "think" we've come up with something that works. She's getting a dry prescription food for sensitive stomachs with a little bit of her beloved canned Fancy Feast at lunchtime. Since most of her tummy upsets have occurred first thing in the morning or late in the evening, so far, so good with this meal arrangement. Notice I'm hedging my bets by saying "I think" and "so far" because as soon as I declare victory, things go sideways with her again. I've also noticed she's more playful and happy lately. Makes me wonder how long her tummy's been bothering her and she's been covering it up. Cats do tend to be stoic.


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